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You want to grow your very first vegetable garden, but you don't know where to start. Or you have an established garden, but it's not producing the way it ought to be. Or something -- insects, diseases, etc. -- is destroying your vegetable crops, and your not sure what's doing it and how to stop it.

Fear not! It's Green Thumb at Your Service to the rescue!

If you've never grown a garden before, then I'll help you get started. Together, we'll plan out a garden of the right size and shape to meet your needs. I'll advise you on soil preparation, planting, cultivation, and control of diseases and insect and animal pests.

If your established garden hasn't been growing as well as in past years, and you're not sure why, then I'll come out, investigate the problem, and provide you with my best advice on what needs to be done to improve the health of your vegetable crops and increase your yield.

And if some maurading menace is attacking the beautiful vegetable plants that you lovingly and painstakingly worked so hard to plant and cultivate, then I'll come out, and together we'll work to identify the black-hearted crop-destroyer, be it animal, insect, or bacteria.

With Green Thumb at Your Service working with you, your dreams of a beautiful garden producing bushels of sweet, crunchy, mouthwatering fruits and vegetables for you and your family can all come true! Contact me to discuss my rates and schedule an appointment.

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