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At Green Thumb at Your Service, I offer several different services to help you become a more knowledgeable and successful gardener.




I'll come out to your home, house of worship, place of business, etc. and work with you one on one to help you plan and design a new vegetable garden or help you identify and solve problems with an existing garden




If you are looking to improve your overall gardening knowledge or would like to learn a new skill such as home cheesemaking or mushroom-growing, then come on out to one of my presentations or join a class. If you are looking for a speaker for your garden club, library, school, or any other group, then I'll bring the prsentation or class to you! You can also check out my Class/Presentation Topics for details on what I teach and review my Calendar to see where I'll be presenting.




If classes and lectures aren't exciting enough for you, then why not throw a cheesemaking or gardening party instead? Gather your friends and family, call me out, and I'll give you an exclusive, hands-on adventure in making your own cheese or growing your own vegetables that will leave you with smiles on your faces and good food in your refrigerator!

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