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Mark helped me to liven up a bare area along the side of my house. The soil there was pure clay, but Mark helped me to dig out that clay, replace it with good fertile soil, and plant some hostas, Thanks to Mark's efforts, those hostas come back, bigger, fuller, and more beautiful every year. Make no mistake -- if you want a beautiful and productive garden, then Mark is the man you want to hire.

Cynthia Dixon, Mgr.Int'l Trade and Customs Compliance at Akzo Nobel Chemicals, Inc.


Mark helped us plant our first garden back in 2002, and every year since then. Every summer and fall, we have more potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers and other veggies than we know what to do with. All the vegetables are delicious, too. Is it any wonder we keep hiring him? We especially like the way that he gets all of us -- even our kids -- involved in the process. It just wouldn't be spring and summer without an abundant vegetable garden, and it wouldn't be an abundant vegetable garden without Mark.

Susan Hanacek, Loan Auditor at American Community Bank


Mark and I are both instructors for District 214 Community Education. I had the pleasure of attending two of Mark's gardening classes (Power Vegetable Gardening and Growing Terrific Tomatoes). I learned a great deal in both classes! My garden is doing so much better this year! As an instructor, Mark is organized, engaging, and highly knowledgable about vegetable gardening. He incorporates humor into his class; I had a good time learning how to improve my garden!

Nadya Northrop, health and wellness coach at


Mark is a knowledgeable and skillful garden coach. He has helped us with our vegetable garden every spring for the past ten years, and thanks to his efforts, we always have a wonderful vegetable harvest. The Big Zac and Beefmaster tomatoes he plants for us are delicious and we enjoy them immensely. I highly recommend Mark to anyone who wants a successful and productive vegetable garden.

Sue Lazar, Consumer Goods Consultant and Professional


Mark is very passionate about gardening, and loves to share his extensive knowledge with his audience. Mark has made two presentations to my garden club, and on both occassions left us with new insights that could be implemented in our own gardens. His presentations were well organized, and delivered in a very engaging manner. I would strongly recommend Mark to any gardening group. You will get an informative and entertaining presentation, at a reasonable price.

— Luke Ross, Manor Garden Club Member

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